Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vintage Inspired, Gwen Approved

This is grand, this is great, I'm in such a happy state! Why you ask? Well the lovers have Valentine's day, the Pilgrams have thanksgiving, the French have Bastille Day, and I, I have fashion week.  I lock my door, turn off the TV and plug into all things of the upcoming season.  I truly forget that I am a College student in the middle of Missouri and imagine myself front row at Ralph Lauren, Tibi, or Lela Rose sitting between Demi Moore and Emmanuelle Alt.  Now I have seen pre-fall snapshots of everyone and everything, but no clothing in fashion truly becomes alive until it is seen on the grand stage that is New York.  To pump things up and get ready for the madness that starts tomorrow, I figured there would be no better way then to gaze upon the vintage inspired, much anticipated, Rachel Zoe's new clothing line.  Now one of my most favorite things about a fashion icon starting a clothing line is when you can truly see them wear every piece of their collection.  Victoria Beckham, Nicole Richie and now Rachel Zoe, they all design their collection around their unique but unmistakable style. Do not hesitate to say any Zoe-isms when feisting your eyes on the gorgeousness that is, this....



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