Friday, July 30, 2010


i'm trying to win these fab nico and lala gifts!

if you are not following college prep here is your chance, follow Nico & lala too! Both perfect for sophisticated, classic and most of all PREPPY things!

FRIDAY, JULY 30, 2010


What's that my little College Prep readers? You're sad you didn't win any of the prizes for the BIG giveaway? DON'T FRET LITTLE ONES!

College Prep is hosting ANOTHER giveaway!!!! And this one is just as FABULOUS.

Nico and LaLa
is the NEXT BIG THING! And they're totally "font" people. If you're a font person, you know what I mean :-)

Here's what they say about the company on their facebook page:

After working in the paper and printing industry together for over a year and continuously bouncing ideas off of each other, we bit the bullet and have begun our own little venture!

With our sassy sense of humor and creativity, we have decided to focus on what we love, which is creating swanky, southern, and sophisticated swag!!

Ummmm.... College Prepster wants to be BFF with the two of them!!!

Okay, Okay... GIVEAWAY time! Because they're so awesome, Nico and LaLa are giving away TWO prizes. So that means TWO winners!!!

(prepare to swoon!!!)


One winner will receive a Nico and LaLa catch all


And the second winner will receive a Nico and LaLa lucite tray


You're in love too, right? So here's how to enter:

Comment on this post after "liking" Nico and LaLa on facebook (required). In the comment be sure to mention that you're a fan on facebook now.

For additional entries:

1 entry- Follow Nico & LaLa's BLOG
1 entry- Follow College Prep
3 entries- Post this on YOUR blog :-)

Let me know what you've completed in the comment.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE include how many entries you think you should receive in the comment.

Giveaway ends Wednesday, August 4 at 11:59 PM
WinnerS (<-- yay!) announced Thursday the 5th

Be sure to check out their website and poke around. Let me know what you guys are in love with!

Alright, kiddies. Have fun! Good luck!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Print Play

Tribal with tye-dye, petals plus polka dots, prudes beware because these prints are in the mood to mingle. So go ahead and let your stripes flirt away with your cheetah and get down with your bad self.

From ethnic, to poppies i love all types of fabric

& i find all of my fave funky fabric at

for more muted, classic fabric i adore

moving on...

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2010

royal blue bold stripes w/ classic cheetah
add an old hollywood glam hairstyle
and you got yourself a haute look!

all these ethnic prints are giving me a GLAM headache.

B & S mix fabs like pros.

cute stacked bangles in eclectic patterns
find it at

this was my first step in mixing prints, try different prints
in the same color, its easy but adds an unpredicted element.

boys can do it too. NY street style at its finest.

Thankoon Racer back tank

the next step for me was starting w/ a bold floral short &
finding a stipe that is in a similar shade found in the print.
add a presh pepto bismol color blazer and your on another level.

the queen of mixing Whitney Port

Ms. Seyfield mixes it w/ neutrals for a sophisticated look.
high waisted polka dot nude shorts?!?! get outta here.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MAD about mad men

So just recently one of my besties suggested that i watch a show called mad men. She DID NOT steer me wrong, loves it. It is a sexy, witty drama filled with interesting people living in a mid-century night's dream. Mad Men is smart and tremendously attractive, and it stirs you more than it probably should (at least in my case). The clothes, cars and interior design seen on the show is equally as attractive. The 1960's fashion is so glamorous and intoxicating by capturing style and class of women such as Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe.

Carolina Herrera Rtw 2010


LaRok Cigarette Jacket $300

Ed would fit in at Steerling-Cooper

Linda Farrow Vintage Sunglasses

Alice + Olivia resort 2011

S.J. does mad men w/ zebra.
on another level.

Louis Vuitton fall rtw 2010

Judith March dress perf for betts.

find more Judith March, an adorable dress designer at
I work at elly's and it is a fab place to find great dresses!

for great mod wear, find it at

Monday, July 26, 2010

birthday beauty

Today is my beautiful sister's 25th birthday! She is very special to me and no matter what slot of time passes through our visits, it means nothing when we reunite. In terms of fashion, Liz has always had an effortless cool edge. Unbeknownst to me, Liz has somehow managed to know a given fashion trend long before it was anything and finally when i catch on, Liz is onto the next. She has spent quite a lot of time in the most interesting places that has undoubtedly influenced her chic street style, a year in Brussels to the Brooklyn blocks she is the epitome of a cool kid. With her Mr.T like necklaces to menswear accessories, Lizbette's unique vintage twists cement her as one of my fashion icons forever. love you L.

strike a pose.
Definition of cool.

Liz LOVES Marc Jacobs! But then again, WHO DOESN'T?!
Resort 2011

Vintage inspred Ray Bans

Liz and Zooey are one in the same.

Unique indie print & chunky heel, Liz would LOVE.
Miu Miu Pumps.

ts & fp

Find more street style at one of my FAVE blogs

Sunday, July 25, 2010

elegant equestrian

First post! So exciting, so new, so BELLETRISTICally fabulous! Anywho i decided to discuss both a recent and historically prevalent fashion trend that is near and dear to my heart! I have been riding horses since a very tender age and it has impacted my sense of style and taste inevitably. Everything from Dior inspired jodhpurs to Hermes saddles, Gucci bits and finally Ralph Lauren riding coats, i love it all.

That's me!

Stella McCartney ad

Smythe riding coat

Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet

Givenchy tall boots
$250 Saks Fifth Avenue

Dior fall 2010 rtw

Stella McCartney tee $195