Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Erin && Edgar

Angelic refinement.  They are the two best words I would use to describe two great artists, the French father of Impressionism, Edward Degas, and American fashion designer Erin Fetherson.  Degas is known for his paintings of beautiful angelic dancers in pastel and tulle.  It is this angelic essence that embodies feminism that both Degas has mastered, and Erin has recreated in her Fall RTW 2011 collection. The clothes speak for themselves and I would wear them all!

MAJOR Mixed Media

 Let me first just say, it is miserable to have 4 tests during NYFW.  I have neglected my poor Belle, but then again momma always said "school first comes first", well scratch that my mom would want me to put fashion first most likely.  Moving right along some of my most favorite designers have showed in the past few days and love is not a strong enough word.  Houses like Derek Lam, Michael Kors, DVF, Tibi, Halston && more have been so amazing.  Even more amazing is the eclectic essence of all sorts of fabrics and media, every luxe fabric you could possibly think of.  Lace, knit, fur, sequence, leather, it is all in one look and making sweet, sweet music.  Alice + Olivia was the starting point of my obsession of the mix of fabrics for fall.   Let's see fur...check, sequin...double check, all I need is some leather pants and I am set for the look below.  Let me also add I am currently accepting donations for said leather pants. Let's hit the looks, and some fab mixed media artwork thrown in there as well. 

 {Alice + Olivia}
 {Alice + Olivia}
 {Badgley Mischka}

 {Band of Outsiders}
 {Carlos Miele}


 {Douglas Hannant}
 {Tracy Reese}

 {Tracy Reese}
  {Tracy Reese}

 {Alexander Wang}
 {Tory Burch}

{Vera Wang}