Sunday, January 30, 2011

Venturing into Vintage

I have recently been finding myself perusing through vintage sections of my favorite websites like, &&, from there I even ventured into bona-fide vintage websites like LAvintage.  Now I have a few vintage experiences under my belt that include but are not limited to finds such as my Prada boots, Dior chemise && Ralph Lauren belt, yet I am hungry for more.  I think as I venture into the world of the unknown universe that is vintage I will most definitely follow [the golden rule of RZ], "Remember is to mix your vintage finds with contemporary picks. No head-to-toe vintage." Which means a current cocktail dress with vintage jewels, or retro boho frock with relaxed hair and a spakin' new messenger bag. The world is my vintage oyster...PIC TIME!

{ 1980's Christian Dior Couture Blouse }

{ in vintage YSL sunnies }

{ Vintage Light Show top @ for $35 }

{ 1960's Vintage Pucci }

{ 1970's Vintage Chanel Jacket }

{ Shut it down! Van Cleef necklace from the archives }

{ Vintage Chloe }
{ Hermes retro red blazaaa! My fave, sorry i'm not sorry }

{ Vintage Jimmy Choo @ for a mere $1,050 }


Friday, January 28, 2011

Rules are Meant to be Broken

Don't wear white after labor day, Match your shoes and purse, you can't mix prints....blah blah blah! Throw out what you THINK you know in terms of fashion rules. [Mixing && Matching ] is in and matchy matchy is out! After all rules are meant to be broken, right? Let's hit the pics...

Mix those metals

{ House of Harlow rings $100 @ Revolve Clothing }

The days of the verboten mix of gold and silver accessories are gone! Jewelers like David Yurman seamlessly incorporate gold and silver into their designs, and who doesn't love the classic Cartier Trinity ring with its combination of three different colors of gold? Start off by pairing gold and silver bangles or wearing a chunky stainless watch with gold details. Ready to get a bit bolder?  Wear hoop earrings that don't match your rings, or layer necklaces in different colors and textures.
Black and Brown

Wearing head-to-toe black or brown can look harsh and evoke the formality of a stodgy uniform. Mixing black and brown adds an instant softness. One of the best ways to give visual interest to an otherwise monochromatic look is with accessories. Wear a brown pump with a black suit, a black bag with a brown coat, a chocolate belt with charcoal slacks. It's an unexpected twist that works for men and women alike.

Mix formal with Casual

{ Cable knit sweater with a cocktail dress...yes please}

{ Floral frock with a casual striped coat, LOVES IT! }

I love mixing high and low! Wear a flirty dress and swap strappy sandals for Converse tennis shoes. OR pair casual cashmere with silk or sass up a basic black dress with brightly colored tights. It's a more playful way of going about your day and because it's so unexpected, it looks fun and sophisticated all at the same time.

Double dip denim
With a new wave of denim in different weights, cuts and shades, you can mix and match to create a fresh look. Balance and contrast will help you avoid looking like you're drowning in a sea of denim. Pair a sleek denim pencil skirt with a denim jacket in a heavier weight or an inky tailored jacket with jeans in a lighter shade. Get creative and stay comfortable -- just remember the ultimate denim do: Vary the color and weight of fabric on top and bottom. Just please try to avoid this...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fun Fash foto of the week

{ THE ONE. THE ONLY...Lagerfeld }

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Women Want

As we all know Valentine's Day is right around the corner (for some of you I know February 14th doesn't exist) but for the rest of you it means [X's O's] && GIFTS] for loved ones.  Now maybe this is just me, however I am a believer in a few adorable small gifts.  Valentine's day is so cheesy and commercially forced anyway so why do all men feel the need to march over to Kay jewelry or whatever mall based jeweler and buy what the sales person says his girl will love! Call me old fashioned but I am much more into small, cute least for this holiday that is, but I did manage to squeeze in a splurge or two! So let's hit Gwen's PICKS!

{ YES of course as women, we expect flowers, but how about an all enviromentally friendly bouquet at for only $46.75}

{ J'adore TBurch! Yes a splurge but oh so worth it! AND HOT PINK FOR YOUR LOVE BUG! $92 }

{ I DIE over the Sartorialist, what a fabe coffee table book! ONLY $24.99 @ Urban Outfitters }

{ QUESTION: Could you think of any better V. DAY treat then a trio of Chanel polishes? ANSWER: NO }  

{ Bath honey is the single greatest invention, only second to spanx! Laura Mercier bath honey $30 @ Nordies }

{ Adorable pillos for your shmootsie poo! only $34 @ Urban Outfitters }

{ Okay so one more splurge, but you can't deny Marc Jacobs, Neon Chain link bracelet $98 @ Neimans } 

{ Coach key chain only $48 for you honeybunz }

{ Now for me this takes the cake, it is the single sweetest book in the world for someone who means everything and only $15 at Borders } 

{ Who doesn't sleep in a bedazzled sequin tee? Victoria Secret $26.50 }

Now for your man I have a few ideas too, hoping that Michael doesn't read this I am getting him a small gift, homemade card && making fabulous red velvet cupcakes! So just a few ideas for your man...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Balancing Act

Thursday night, and everyone is going out (needlesstosay Harpos) but before you are sipping on your quarter draws, triple wells or what have you, there is a vital decision of what to wear?  Now there are those girls, you know you you are, that dress 100% for the male species, boobs, butt, they let it all hang out.  On the opposite side of the spectrum there are ladies who choose to rock the latest, high fashion, man repelling frock or avant-garde granny dress. As for me I honestly try to balance the two, which is no easy feat.  Now I am not saying that I have always been successful, there of course was the night I wore a dark purple lipstick, [middle part] and a flowy free people dress to Forge and needless to say in Columbia Missouri jaws dropped.  But it truly is not an easy task to both find an outfit girls will call adorable and men will find you sexy.  So are you a Megan Fox or a Olsen sister? Lets hit the pics && the rules...

{ This lace dress is center stage, it may be confused as a doiley for most men, but the hiked up hemline && the fab hair will keep them starring } 

{ Boy oh Boy do 5 inchers in bubble gum make a statement && those legs, forget about it! }

{ Jailbird dress w/ bright pink Louboutins, LOVES IT } 

{ So adorable, could NOT love her more } 

{ Play with volume with this tunic dress in a bright color, pair it with fun neutral boots && Hair for days and you got Yourself a HAUTE look } 

{ Love me some Brian Lichtenberg because of his glittery asym dresses, COMPLETE with giant shoulder pads }


{ Love me some Kimmy K, this fun rosette skirt, with a blazer, with a leopard clutch, and WITH her fab hair, SHUT UP! } 

 { Here are some of my favorite fashion risktakers, for better or for worse... }

{ She follows my rules with her amazeballs BIG hair }

{ Love me some ri ri } 

{ }

{ Best dressed GG 2011...MAJOR} 

{ Louis Vuitton + Leighton Meester = Masterpiece } 

{ I mean did you honestly think there would be a list for fashion risktaker and Lady Gaga wouldn't  be on it?! }

{ THE } 

{ My generations risk takers, whether dressed in grundge or feathers, j'adore every single risk MKA makes }