Monday, July 26, 2010

birthday beauty

Today is my beautiful sister's 25th birthday! She is very special to me and no matter what slot of time passes through our visits, it means nothing when we reunite. In terms of fashion, Liz has always had an effortless cool edge. Unbeknownst to me, Liz has somehow managed to know a given fashion trend long before it was anything and finally when i catch on, Liz is onto the next. She has spent quite a lot of time in the most interesting places that has undoubtedly influenced her chic street style, a year in Brussels to the Brooklyn blocks she is the epitome of a cool kid. With her Mr.T like necklaces to menswear accessories, Lizbette's unique vintage twists cement her as one of my fashion icons forever. love you L.

strike a pose.
Definition of cool.

Liz LOVES Marc Jacobs! But then again, WHO DOESN'T?!
Resort 2011

Vintage inspred Ray Bans

Liz and Zooey are one in the same.

Unique indie print & chunky heel, Liz would LOVE.
Miu Miu Pumps.

ts & fp

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