Monday, February 7, 2011

Sheer Genius

As I wander around the archives of my most favorite website ( and refresh myself on Spring RTW 2011 I always look for trends I would love to duplicate.  Now most looks of designers like John Galliano, Marc Jacobs, and Valentino are simply unattainable for a poor college sap like myself, however I can take away the essence that their looks achieve.  Now Sheer is here.  It's EVERYWHERE from Pre-fall 2011 to every single runway of Spring RTW 2011 has a sheer element to it, and it makes so much sense considering the versatile fabric is honestly the superhero of all fabrics, IT CAN DO ANYTHING! What is better then an article of clothing that has chameleon like qualities && can transform from one look to another so flawlessly.  NOTHING. Sheer elements can be Feminine when paired with lace, Sexy with an exposed bra or leopard sheer print or charming with a sheer polka dot.  It can be in a neon pink for Spring or sultry slate gray for Winter.  It's a SHEER thing that Sheer is here, and not going anywhere.  Let's hit the pics... Honestly there is a lot, just couldn't help myself.

{ H2T amaze! Blumarine }
{ Gorge Lily Lattice Dress in Wine $58 @ }
Mark my words, this WILL be mine!
{ Top 10 dress of all time. If only I had the money, DARN YOU MARCHESA }
{ Adam Sequin Embellished Silk Top $695 }
chump change
{ Louis Vuitton SP RTW 11 }
{ Okay you caught me, this is from the Dior archives and yes I HAVE already posted this picture, but can you even deny it? answer: NO! }
{ I GASPED IN DELIGHT when I saw this dress.  Others did the exact opposite}
Sorry i'm not sorry 
Emilio De La Morena dress 

{ Kate Spade lovely navy polka dot sheer heels $298 }
I would wear these to my Sunday high tea at the Ritz in a heartbeat!
{ Nude sheer to me is the greatest of all, it is so delicate and sexy all at the same time }
You outdid yourself Chloe
{ She actually got something right?! Herve Leger dress I die over, Megan Fox is another story }
{ So editorial }
{ Pair a blush pink sheer ankle length dress with a fur throw for a boho look }
{ Not quite ready to jump into sheer, baby steps my friend.  Try something like this lacey purple sheer sock }
{ Dior Electric Purple Sheer ruffle frock...amazing to the tenth degree }
{ Elie Saab SP RTW 11 }
NBD just my Tuesday afternoon frock.


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