Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Neurotic Neon

If you know anything about me at all you would know that I LOVE neon! And currently while mid missouri is in a sea of white, I simply can't help myself from seeing neon.  Now sometimes translates as cheap or even sleezy (as seen on the Jersey Shore).  However neon doesn't just mean neon shutter shades for $5 at Urban Outfitters, neon is being done by some of fashion's highly respected houses, the company being Lanvin, Givenchy, Oscar De La Renta && more! 

Now I like a bold, dramatic neon head to toe looks as much as the next girl but if you are just about to begin your relationship with neon I recommend baby steps. Start with one neon piece && build around it.  When you are wearing a bright colored shirt or bright pants, it is best to pair it with a neutral color.  Feeling bold? Well the next step would be to pair a hot pink blazer with a bright orange short, but break it up with a white blouse && your favorite nude pumps. Good luck to you belles && may fashion be with you on your neon journey. Now let's hit the pics...

{  ADORE bright blue with this red shoe, would be on another level with a red lip! Costume National SP2011 }

{ Adia Kibur $68 at Shopbop }
{ So young, So talented && SO NEON! Jennifer Lawrence in Oscar De La Renta at SAGS } 

{ Marni $590 }

{ JACQUARD && NEON!?! foget about it! Herve Leger your for the small price of $1,450 }

{ Nixon $86.20 at asos.com }

{ Jimmy Choo on another level, ONLY $550 at net-a-porter.com }

{ SJP in Versace, one of my favorite dresses of all time }

{ Givenchy }

{ Not ready for a neon piece? Experiment with neon nails! Just a hint of color for any outfit! Just make sure to do a base coat because let me tell you from experience most neon polishes will stain your nails otherwise }

{ Now here is something I want to play with, a great orange lip with just a hint of mascara && hair for days, i die }


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