Thursday, April 28, 2011

All Hail Victoria Beckham

I am honestly almost more excited to see what Mrs. David Beckham is wearing then the bride herself...calm down I said almost.  Posh will forever remain one of my fashion faves and with the launch of her latest clothing line, Victoria is capturing a polished, modern look for the bold woman of the world. Victoria doesn't look so bad herself, just as gorgeous as ever. Love you Becks! Can't wait for you wardrobe choice for tomorrow! Maybe one of her own designs? Fascinator?  . . . we shall see.

Simple, CHIC yet bold!
Some Original Victoria Beckham designs are below
One thing I love is that you can honestly see Becks herself wear every item in her collection.

Tomorrow is the BIG day. No more waiting! See you bright and early at 4am belles!


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