Friday, February 18, 2011

Oh Milly, My Milly!

This is a story of girl meets designer. The girl, a hopeless fashionista trapped in the middle of Missouri.  The designer, Michelle Smith of New York who has traveled the world and dressed socialites and celebrities alike. 

Okay, so there is no denying my love for Michelle Smith and her clothing line Milly.  It is everything a girl needs: Sophisticated, eclectic, playful and so much more.  While flipping through every last picture of Fall RTW 2011 collections eventually run into one another.  Milly is NOT one of those collections! Her rich tweeds, metallic mixs, and bright frocks are taken to the next level when mixed, layered and accessorized.  For me, most designers give me a piece that i want to build around, but Milly somehow has this magically power over me where I want the H2T look, no questions asked. Slowly watch as Milly takes over your mind and you become powerless, my only advice, GIVE IN!

Did it not change your life?


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