Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Women Want

As we all know Valentine's Day is right around the corner (for some of you I know February 14th doesn't exist) but for the rest of you it means [X's O's] && GIFTS] for loved ones.  Now maybe this is just me, however I am a believer in a few adorable small gifts.  Valentine's day is so cheesy and commercially forced anyway so why do all men feel the need to march over to Kay jewelry or whatever mall based jeweler and buy what the sales person says his girl will love! Call me old fashioned but I am much more into small, cute gifts...at least for this holiday that is, but I did manage to squeeze in a splurge or two! So let's hit Gwen's PICKS!

{ YES of course as women, we expect flowers, but how about an all enviromentally friendly bouquet at http://www.organicbouquet.com for only $46.75}

{ J'adore TBurch! Yes a splurge but oh so worth it! AND HOT PINK FOR YOUR LOVE BUG! $92 }

{ I DIE over the Sartorialist, what a fabe coffee table book! ONLY $24.99 @ Urban Outfitters }

{ QUESTION: Could you think of any better V. DAY treat then a trio of Chanel polishes? ANSWER: NO }  

{ Bath honey is the single greatest invention, only second to spanx! Laura Mercier bath honey $30 @ Nordies }

{ Adorable pillos for your shmootsie poo! only $34 @ Urban Outfitters }

{ Okay so one more splurge, but you can't deny Marc Jacobs, Neon Chain link bracelet $98 @ Neimans } 

{ Coach key chain only $48 for you honeybunz }

{ Now for me this takes the cake, it is the single sweetest book in the world for someone who means everything and only $15 at Borders } 

{ Who doesn't sleep in a bedazzled sequin tee? Victoria Secret $26.50 }

Now for your man I have a few ideas too, hoping that Michael doesn't read this I am getting him a small gift, homemade card && making fabulous red velvet cupcakes! So just a few ideas for your man...


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