Saturday, January 15, 2011

Muffy, Yuppie and All Things Stuffy

I like to consider myself a bit of a prep, well I am an equestrian, a sorority girl, and crazy for anything monogrammed so maybe I am a bona fide Prepster.  But it most definitely has reached quite a new level. I sometimes think I am most definitely in the wrong place, because I love all things East Coast. The style of houses, the sports (lacrosse, polo, crew) and ultimately I love the timeless, conservative style.  Classic sheath silhouettes, bright pink and green, collegiate plaids, David Yurman, UHH MAJOR! Not to mention I love preppy, fun decor of Jonathan Adler and Ralph Lauren.  TIME to relocate so I can reach my TRUE PREP potential. 

{ LOVE me some MILLY } 
{ Southern Proper } 

{ Preppy Rock Crew }

{ The perfect, prim & proper nightstand }
{ classic prep footwear Jack Rogers }

{ Kate Spade, Polka dot dress in honor of my father } 

{ My prep inspo }

{ Cable Knit pillow, perfect preppy touch to a comfy couch } 

{ ALAS! I can die now that their are Vineyard Vines sillybandz }

{ } 
{ Gotta love the simplicity, ease and prep that is J.crew }

{ I sense a trend...more Milly } 

{ I truly am a preppy equestrian down to my core } 

{ Kep jewels }

{ Wait?! More Milly } 

{ Love me some Lilly P. } 

{ You guessed it...MILLY } 

{ Major ruffle Tory Burch polo that i will be wearing the first nice day to golf this spring }

{ This screams Vanderbilt Beach } 

{ monograms, monograms, monograms } 


{ my FAVE new royal prep }


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