Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Hair

Braids, twists, curl, krimp? Oh the things we do to our hair, but for good reason.  My hair is somehow always directly connected to my mood && outfit.  Soft curls means i am feeling feminine, slicked back straight pony means i'm feeling sexy, and [middle part] means i'm feeling trendy.  You can read me like a book by just looking at my hair, BUT i am always experimenting and trying the new new.  My latest obsession when it comes to hair, the herringbone (fishtail braid).  Whether that will be successful is still to be determined...

{ Adriana Lima }
{ teased side braid is my fave going to class look }

{ backstage Chloe Fall RTW 2010 } 
{ KC }

{ Vogue } 
{ if only this was my hair }

{ we meet again } 

{ Jerry Hall }


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