Saturday, August 7, 2010

All hail David Yurman

i am ob-sessed with David Yurman, and i thought we were close. Needlesstosay i was surprised when i found out about his summer bash last night that i was NOT invited to. All of my closest friends were in attendance like, Kelly Rutherford and Irina Shayk however I will give Mr. Yurman the benefit of the doubt and say that my invitation was lost in the mail. But he truly is my most favorite jewelry designer and i only have 2 David Yurman pieces but i wish to further my collection with these gorge items...

{ the party : ( }

{ onyx & gold. yes please. }

{ chainlink necklace. uh huh. }

{ gorge diamond set pearls. flashy & preppy all in one. }

{ MY FAVE. }

{ love to layer Yurman w/ a BIG men's gold watch. perf. }

love the sig coil in a braid.

{ i know i officially made it once this watch adorns my wrist. }

{ best Yurman ad. }

{ my next semi-realistic Yurman purchase. }

{ i do. to the ring that is. }


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